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Series: Fiancee of Mine

Title: Fiancee of Mine 3
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Rating: PG
Verse: alternate
Genre: Romance
Dislaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Summary: Sungmin has always been in love with his fiancee, but when time came and he could finally meet her…

A/N: based on the story "this girl of mine". this part unbeta-ed.

A/N: overdue update..sorry about that. It's been hard to distract myself lately. Unbetaed and excuse the poor attempt at sexy time.


“So...Did you really wait for me all this time?” Kyuhyun asked randomly as Sungmin fixed the futon they made for him to sleep on while he still didn’t have a proper bed. “Weren’t you tempted by others?”

Sungmin sighed “Not really” he huffed, refusing to meet the other man’s eyes. Considering everything that happened between them talking about this was awkward and embarrassing. He could tell Kyuhyun was just teasing him too “I’ve only ever loved you after all…” his face flared, knowing well the younger was staring at him. “Anyway, I’m turning the lights off alright?”


“Uhm...Goodnight then”

“Night Min”

Sungmin turned away at once, scolding himself mentally. Calm down Lee Sungmin! No need to be so nervous! Kyu is a boy! There’s nothing wrong with the two of us sharing a room now! Nothing can go wrong!...right? He shook his head and tried to clear his thoughts as he scooted over his own bed,slipping under the blankets, physically and mentally exhausted.

He was almost asleep when he realized there was another body right next to him, he yelped. “W-What on earth? K-Kyuhyun-sshi?!”

Kyuhyun seemed to be on the verge of falling asleep as well, and it took several attempts of Sungmin calling his name before he actually peeked one eye open. “Just Kyu or Kyuhyun is fine...remember?”

“Uh...right. Kyuhyun, what are you doing here? Can’t you sleep on the futon? We can exchange places if---” he was just about to get off when Kyuhyun’s hand were on his wrist.

“That’s not a problem really…” the younger answered,attempting to pull him back on the bed. “I just figured...we’re engaged anyway, right? It’s fine if we sleep together”

Sungmin blinked at that, trying to think of something to tell him, but Kyuhyun already went back to sleep. and with the other’s hand still on his wrist, he had no choice but to go back to his previous position...beside Kyuhyun on the bed.

“Well..he does have a point...right?” he thought, closing his eyes as well.


and opened them again a few seconds later.



Kyuhyun definitely didn’t have any trouble sleeping with him on the same bed. And really it was only Sungmin with the problem with the arrangement after all. He groaned inwardly, careful not to wake up the younger male. Eventually the younger's grip on his wrist slackened and he was able to pull away quietly. He stared at Kyuhyun's sleeping face, sighing deeply.

He moves away gently, careful not to make any sound as he got off the bed and out the door of his room. He was thinking of clearing his head by the porch when he stopped dead in his tracks at the hallway.

"Uh...Umma?" He blinked, catching his mother red handed as she was obviously trying to eavesdrop on his room "What are you doing?" He frowned.

“Minnie!” she exclaimed, not really looking ashamed at being caught by her own son “Why are you outside? What if Kyuhyun wakes up and you’re not in the room?”

“Umma, he’s only a year younger than me” he pointed out. “I don’t think he’s going to cry if I leave him alone in the room” then realization dawned on him as he stared at her suspiciously. “You don’t even look at all surprised at him anymore--ah!! Don’t tell me...Umma! you knew?! You knew Kyu is actually a boy and you didn’t tell me!” he whined, as loud as he could without waking up the other occupants of the house.

His mother smiled at him “Well...I didn’t knew the whole time” she admitted. “I only knew when I met up with his mother to talk about the arrangements of him coming to live with us”

“But you still could’ve told me” he huffed. “That way I wouldn’t have to make a fool of myself expecting that I’d be meeting the girl of my dreams” if he knew Kyu was actually a boy beforehand, he probably wouldn’t be caught unprepared...and he probably wouldn’t have blurted out all those embarrassing things earlier.

“Does it really make a big difference if Kyu is a boy? He’s still the same person isn’t he?” Sungmin didn’t really want to ask her if she knew what the actual problem was. Knowing his mother, she probably did, and already have some sort of plan in mind that he didn’t want to think about. his mother can be scary beneath her kind, charming personality.

And she had a point, his feelings for Kyuhyun didn’t really change even after he learned that he was actually a boy. That wasn’t supposed to be the case. He was supposed to fall out of love. He needed to fall out of love from Cho Kyuhyun.

I have to stop loving him…

But why does even just thinking about it feel painful?

Sungmin shook his head, this was for the better. He was going to free himself of all his emotions for Kyuhyun. Starting tomorrow, Lee Sungmin will give up on Cho Kyuhyun!!


Of course, doing that was suddenly proven hard because the next day, Kyuhyun was suddenly doing chores all over the house, from things like fixing leaky pipes, and helping Min’s mother as she was cleaning, to even helping Luna with her homework. Sungmin was left stunned as he watched the younger man work...okay so he needed a little supervision with cooking, but he was good with every other thing Sungmin was left speechless...he mentally scolded himself when he blushed as Kyuhyun told him with a grin that he fixed his laptop ( Hyukjae ‘broke’ it a week ago. He tried everything to make it work but since he wasn’t much of a techy guy, he was about to just give up on it until Kyu noticed and offered to take a look for him).

At night, Kyuhyun still refused to sleep anywhere that Sungmin wasn’t beside him. And all of Sungmin’s protest would just be left forgotten as the younger would automatically close his eyes and pull him closer, and in turn, he would effectively shut up because even if he was doing all those things, Kyuhyun was still a guest and he didn’t want to disturb his sleep. Mentally he groaned as he stared up at Kyuhyun’s sleeping face.

“Seriously...what are you doing?” he muttered softly, Why are you making it so hard for me to not like you anymore?

“Hmn...trying to sleep?” his eyes widened at the sudden answer from Kyuhyun. He would’ve jumped off the bed too but the arms around him prevented him from doing such task. Kyuhyun poked one eye open and stared at him curiously, clearly wondering why he was asking.

“You didn’t have to do all those things you know” he told him, “You’re our house didn’t have to do all that”

Kyuhyun shrugged “I don’t mind doing them. I’m just training myself”


“You’ve been working hard the whole time for my sake right? I thought I’d return the favor somehow” his tone was so sincere Sungmin didn’t have the guts to think he might be teasing him again this time.


“after all, I’m your fiance, right?”

Sungmin blushed at that, he didn’t know what to say…how could he tell him what he was trying to do for the past few days since he arrived? Kyuhyun must’ve noticed he was thinking of something too, because the arms around his waist loosened and he was able to put some decent distance between them. Kyuhyun was staring at him. “Hey...if you really want to, shall we dissolve the engagement?”

“!!!” Sungmin blinked, clearly not expecting those words “W-What?”

“If that’s what you want to do...I don’t mind” his voice was neutral, and in the darkness of the room Sungmin couldn’t make out what kind of expression he was making at all.

What on earth?! Why does it sound like I’m running away scared just because Kyu is a boy! That’s not it at all! It’s just….just...Sungmin wanted nothing more than for the bed to swallow him whole… because the fact is, he didn’t care if Kyuhyun was a boy at all… even if it sounded wrong.

“No…” he whispered quietly hoping Kyuhyun fell asleep he won’t hear. “That’s not what I want at all” he held his breath wondering what the younger would reply. for a few moments it was quiet and he was about to sigh in relief that Kyuhyun didn’t hear him.

Then the next thing Sungmin knew, Kyuhyun’s weight was on top of him, the younger’s breath hovering above his lips. He froze “Kyu--wha---mpph” Kyuhyun’s mouth over his effectively cut off his sentence. He gasped at the contact, unsure of what was going on or what was going to happen next. A weird noise came from the back of his throat when Kyuhyun slipped his tongue inside, teasing...almost intoxicating.

He was gasping by the time Kyuhyun pulled back, leaning down again to whisper in his ear “Good, because I don’t want that either” before he could reply, his hands moved, slipping inside the fabric of Sungmin’s clothes.

“Kyu! Wait a minute---” he shivered, not because he didn’t know what was happening, but because it was happening. And with Kyuhyun no less! His hands fumbled to try and stop the man’s intruding hands, but keened helplessly as fingers wrapped around his member. “Kyu...ah…”

“Ssshh..” Kyuhyun shushed him, nipping at the lobe of his ear and making Sungmin gasp “It’s fine…” his fingers moved up and down his shaft teasingly.

“N-No it’s not...wait...ah…” he was drowning in pleasure, but Sungmin was trying his best not to lose to Kyuhyun, he was the older one. He shouldn’t be losing miserably in this kind of activity. He tried to move his hands too...clumsily fumbling with Kyuhyun’s clothes...only half aware of what he was trying to do.

“You know if you do that there’s no turning back right?”

Sungmin looked up at him, the room was dark but somehow he knew just when to open his mouth to meet Kyuhyun’s probing kiss. He wanted this...but at the same time, he was trembling in hesitation...Should they be really doing this so early on?


But as fast as he came unto him, Kyuhyun suddenly stopped. Sungmin blinked at him, dazed. “I’m not in a hurry...and I know you’re not either...right Min?” he pulled back slowly, kissing the top of his head. “Sorry about suddenly doing that...I didn’t scare you, did I?”

“You…” Sungmin couldn’t finish, if he was going to be honest, he was thankful Kyuhyun didn’t go all the way, but that didn’t mean being left in his current state was any less humiliating. He turned away from Kyuhyun as he fixed his clothes, at the same time trying to calm his heartbeat.

“Hey Min?”


“Thank you...for staying”

...Stupid. Don’t say that. How am I supposed to fall out of love with you now?

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